Holiday Gift Guide for Wine Lovers

Wine enthusiasts can be picky about their wine, but wine-inspired gifts are always appreciated.

Whether it's for Christmas, birthday, special occasion or "just because", there are many wine-inspired gifts out there. Check out some ideas below.

1. Wine Aerators (there are many cool ones)

2. Wine decanter

3. Wine glass charms or markers - always appreciated at larger gatherings

4. Picnic sets with a pocket for a wine bottle 

5. Cute wine coasters6. Funny wine-themed socks, aprons or signs

7. Wine opener kit - from simple to premium ones

8. Beverage dispensable bags for men or women

9. Corks catcher. Comes in various shapes and forms, such as wine glass, barrel or globe

10. Wine cooler

Tickets to wine festivals or wine tasting events, concerts in wineries, wine subscription service from worldwide sources to periodic wine deliver directly to the door.

And of course, our unique Share Tahoe wine-inspired t-shirts, which will make everyone smile.

As long as the person loves wine, your gift will be both fun and useful.

Happy shopping!